Gert Embrechts’ feature debut, Allez, Eddy!, grabbed two awards at the 17th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience in Schlingel, Germany (15-21 October). In addition to the Award for Best Film, 12-year-old leading actor Jelte Blommaert was also voted Best Child Actor. Joram Lürsen’s Alfie, The Little Werewolf was also honoured at the fest with the European Children’s Film Award and a Special Mention.

Still from Gert Embrechts' Allez, Eddy!The professional Jury for Feature Film awarded the Chemnitz Top Award for the best children’s film to Allez, Eddy! , with the jury members praising the film for its ‘realism, sensitivity and hope’. Joram Lürsen’s Alfie, The Little Werewolf received a Special Mention from the professional jury. Both director Embrechts and actor Blommaert were present at the award ceremony.

Joram Lürsen’s Alfie, The Little Werewolf was awarded the European Children’s Film Award, worth €5,000, by the 18-person European Children’s Jury from nine European states. The jury described the film as ‘funny, diversified and extremely exciting from the very first minute to the last’. That same jury voted Jelte Blommaert Best Child Actor. The award comes with an unusual and ironic prize, namely Diamond – a bike from the Diamant-Fahrradwerke in Hartmannsdorf, Saxony.

Allez, Eddy! is a heartwarming comedy about 11-year-old cyclist-fan Freddy, son of a butcher in an idyllic village. Freddy's isolated life is disrupted when the first supermarket opens its doors in the village. As their opening event the supermarket organises a bike race, and the winner of the race will meet legendary cyclist Eddy Merckx. Freddy's father, a fierce opponent of the supermarket, doesn't want to hear anything about the race but Freddy takes part anyway. The film is produced by Jacqueline de Goeij for Ciné Cri de Coeur. After a successful release in its home territory, Allez, Eddy! has started its international career. The film is also selected for the Gijon International Film Festival in Spain (16-24 November).

In Alfie, The Little Werewolf, Little Alfie has no idea what is happening to him when, on the night of his seventh birthday, he changes into a white, fluffy animal: a little werewolf. He has always felt different from his foster parents and foster brother Timmie, but this is a little too different. Flemish producer for this minority co-production is again Jacqueline de Goeij for Ciné Cri de Coeur.

In 2006, Jan Verheyen’s Gilles was chosen as Best Film by both the professional and the youth jury at the festival in Schlingel. Both Allez, Eddy! and Alfie, The Little Werewolf were made wit the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

Published on Monday 22 October 2012

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