German int'l sales agent Films Boutique has added Geoffrey Enthoven's new feature Come As You Are to its line-up. The news comes at the time of the film receiving its world première at the Montreal World Film Festival where it immediately became the talk of the town among press, professionals and public.

Still from Come As You AreThe Montreal Gazette confirms "Come As You Are garnered an enthused response at its screening Saturday morning and it's not the first Flemish Belgian film to do well at the festival. Last year, the fest's top prize went to another Flemish flick, Adem, and the Flemish drama Ben X also nabbed the Grand Prix des Amériques, the fest's main prize, in 2007." La Presse also has a warm review for Come As You Are: "A beautiful and sensitive film, with some inspired shots (the last scene on the beach) and excellent performances from the actors"

Come As You Are follows three guys in their early twenties who love wine and women. Wine they have savoured abundantly, but they have never had a woman. Under the guise of a wine tour they embark on a journey to Spain, hoping to get laid there. Nothing will stop them. Not even the fact that each of them is physically challenged: one is blind, another is confined to a wheelchair, and the third is completely paralysed.

The film also is to open the Ostend Film Festival on 2 september, prior to a 14 September release in Flanders through Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD).

Come As You is produced by Mariano Vanhoof for Fobic Films. After Montreal, Vanhoof will be attending the Toronto International Film Festival where he is to participate in the Toronto's Producer Lab. The film was supported by a.o. the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

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Published on Monday 29 August 2011

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