Wouter Bouvijn’s short film Crossroads has been awarded the Bronze Medal at the 2013 Student Academy Awards. The official ceremony took place last night in Los Angeles after a week of industry and networking events, which the young director attended. It’s the first time in the history of the Student Academy Awards that a student film submitted by a Flemish film school brings home a medal.

CrossroadsHalf May, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.) announced all finalists for the Student Academy Award, including Wouter Bouvijn’s Crossroads as one of the three contenders for the Foreign Film Award. Eventually, Bouvijn took home the Bronze Medal worth $2,000.

It has been a unique experience for the young director: ‘A lot of the Academy members, about 150, saw the nominated short films. We’ve also met most of them and a lot of them were really moved by Crossroads.’ ‘The meetings scheduled for us were crazy: DOP’s of films like Jurassic Park, Apocalyps Now, Mean Streets… As a young director, the past week has really been a rollercoaster of events. The Academy is an association full of living legends, but they also strongly appreciate new talent. We really felt that and were literally spoiled all week long. It’s genuinely nice to see how much they value the Student Academy Awards here’, says Bouvijn.

Crossroads, Bouvijn’s graduation project at the Brussels film school RITS, sees Joren Seldeslachts and Tom De Hoog portraying two brothers confronted with a difficult decision. When their father dies of a genetic disease, they have to choose: a genetic test or a leap into the unknown.

Scripted by Wouter Bouvijn, the short was edited by Pieter Smet. Photography was done by Maximiliaan Dierickx, while Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez of the Flemish band Balthazar composed the soundtrack.

Published on Sunday 9 June 2013

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