Team Chocolate and 13 Commandments, two new fiction series from Flanders, have been invited to the International Panorama at Séries Mania, the annual television festival in Paris (13-23 April). Also selected is drama series High Tides, a co-production with Flanders which Hans Herbots directed.

Team ChocolateTeam Chocolate is the story of Jasper Vloemans, a mentally challenged boy who works at a chocolate manufacturing company. When Tina, the colleague he’s in love with, is suddenly deported back to Kosovo, Jasper and his friends embark on a road trip to find her.

The main roles are played by professional actors from Theater STAP, a theatre company made up of special needs actors. They are joined by Wim Opbrouck (In Flanders Fields), Els Dottermans (Love Belongs to Everyone) and Mieke De Groote (Cordon).

The International Pan aroma also includes 13 Commandments, a TV series about a murderous modern-day Moses. Inspired by the 10 Commandments, he commits a series of gruesome crimes in order to jolt society’s conscience and restore its moral values. A jaded police inspector starts hunting him down, but nothing is quite what it seems…

Dirk Van Dijck (Homegrown, Quiz Me Quick) and Marie Vinck (Oxygen, Speechless) take the lead in this 13-part thriller, which is set to appear on Belgian screens in 2018.

Also screening is High Tides (The Swell), a Dutch series co-produced with Flanders which imagines what would remain of the Netherlands and Belgium if a flood were to breach the region’s dikes and dams. What would happen to the five million people who live on land that is well below sea level? High Tides follows six people in a compelling and emotional mosaic narrative. Hans Herbots, known for The Treatment and The Divine Monster, directed the six-parter which had an average audience share of 42% in Belgium.

The ‘Brand-New Seasons’ section at Séries Mania also showcases the second season of international hit series Occupied and The Missing, both co-produced with Flanders through Lunanime and CZAR TV respectively.

Finally, the ‘Best of US Series’ line-up presents Berlin Station, an espionage drama of which the first two episodes were directed by Michaël R. Roskam. X-Men spinoff Legion, of which Tim Mielants directed one episode, is also part of the programme.

Published on Tuesday 28 March 2017

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