New Belgian TV drama Beau Séjour has been topping the charts in Flanders since the pilot episode aired on New Year’s Day. Broadcast in prime time on Sunday night, the series’ second episode reached over 1.5 million viewers in Flanders, a market share of 51.8%.

Beau SejourFollowing the buzz surrounding the series which won the Audience Award at last year’s Séries Mania in Paris, the pilot episode of Beau Séjour premiered to over a million live viewers in Flanders on 1 January. Another 346,000 watched the episode on catch-up over the next seven days. The second episode drew more than 1.5 million viewers, while the third episode is expected to reach a similar audience.

As of 2 March, French-German channel Arte will also be broadcasting a French and German dubbed version of the series in both countries. It’s the first time that a Flemish series will have been seen on the channel, which is known for programming top-notch fiction such as The Killing and Borgen.

In Germany, Beau Séjour will be aired as Zimmer 108, referring to the hotel room in which Kato Hoeven wakes up, covered in blood and with no recollection of what happened the night before. Slowly it sinks in that she's dead. In her search to uncover the truth, Kato finds out that a lot of secrets lie beneath the surface of her supposedly peaceful village community.

Kato is played by Lynn Van Royen, who has been receiving lots of praise for her lead role in the series since it started airing in Flanders. The actress previously appeared in smaller roles in a number of series and films, including Brothers United, De Ridder, Marsman and Crossroads.

Bert van Dael, Sanne Nuyens and Benjamin Sprengers scripted Beau Séjour; directors are Nathalie Basteyns (Jes, Clan) and Kaat Beels (Swooni, Clan). The series is produced by De Mensen. French sales agent Lagardère Studios Distribution handles international sales.

Published on Friday 20 January 2017

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