Aimed at widening the distribution and improving the market opportunities of its majority-produced feature films (live-action, documentary and animation), the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) now has the option to support their theatrical release in specific territories outside the home market.

The Flanders Distribution Grant is a selective aid system with a limited annual budget. It is the main Flemish producer of the film who applies for support, and it should be made clear in the application how the grant will make a significant difference to the film’s release strategy. The producer will oversee the implementation of the proposed strategy in order to receive the grant.

The grant is awarded to the distributor as a cash contribution and is not subject to reimbursement. The maximum amount of the grant per film and per territory will be 25,000 euro. The distribution grant cannot be combined with other distribution grants from third-party authorities such as Creative Europe, and cannot exceed 50% of the minimum guarantee (MG) for the entire territory. The total support grant cannot exceed 50% of the effective distribution costs. In the case of multi-voice dubbing of a live-action feature, the grant may run to 50% of the actual dubbing budget, irrespective of the MG that was paid.

Contact the film’s producer for further details, terms and conditions.

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