What if I want to screen some of your films?
In addition to supplying information, Flanders Image also handles requests to screen titles that are potentially of interest to you. Most recent titles are available via VOD. For this, we can provide you with an access code and further instructions. Titles not available on VOD are usually sent on a screener DVD. This is intended for internal purposes only (not for public viewing), and has to be returned after screening. Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy the materials and/or make them available on a server, regardless of whether this is for personal, internal or external use.

What if we want to organise a special focus or programme of your cinema?
Festivals planning a special focus or retrospective on Belgian/Flemish cinema should ideally get in touch with us a year or so prior to the event taking place. (We have developed a form that we ask you to return to us once fully completed). This period of approximately 12 months allows time for curators to come up with a balanced programme and it gives us sufficient time to check the availability of prints, obtain clearance from rights holders, come up with alternatives for certain titles, check on the availability of guests to present the titles, be involved in the promotion, etc. It may also be possible for curators to use our screening room to audition films.

Is it Flanders Image that makes the decision about whether a film should accept a festival invitation?
No! When a film is invited by a festival, it is always up to the film’s producer or rights holder to decide whether or not to accept the invitation.

Can we apply for financial support from Flanders Image if we organise a special programme or retrospective?
Flanders Image does not financially participate in the organisation of such special programmes. Our assistance should be seen as our participation in the event. This should be mentioned in all communication as well as on all publicity. Click here to download the Flanders Image logo (This only applies to special programmes and retrospectives etc, and not the individual selection of new and recent films for regular festival programmes.)* In specific cases we can also offer to have the print(s) shipped via diplomatic pouch.

Does Flanders Image participate financially in the promotion of a new film, in travel, ...?
If a recent or new, majority-Flemish-produced title is selected for a key festival (a list of which is available on the vaf.be website), its Flemish producer can apply for an additional €25,000 marketing support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), the parent organisation of Flanders Image. In addition to this, there's also a travel grant available for films selected for festivals that also feature on a list of priority events. Depending on whether the film is shown in competition (100%) or out of competition (65%). This grant only covers the flights of up to three people: the director, producer, screenwriter and/or major cast members. Priority is always given to world and international premieres. Again, it is the Flemish producer that has to apply for the support. And there's a maximum amount set for each film.* Full terms and conditions can be found in Dutch on www.vaf.be.

What about copyright/piracy issues?
We expect that everything is done to store the materials (whether 35mm print, DCP, Betamax tape, DVD or whatever) in a secure place. Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy the materials and/or make them available on a server, regardless of whether this is for personal, internal or external use. We also remind you that the recording of the film during its projection, regardless of the recording device (camera, mobile phone etc), is prohibited. Illegal copying is a crime and Flanders Image will immediately cease any form of collaboration. Cases of piracy/copyright infringements, as well as incidents of loss/theft or damage as a result of negligence, will automatically lead to the exclusion of a festival from receiving materials from Flanders Image. Flanders Image will also inform the governmental department for Culture, Youth, Sports, and Media, as well as the respective Belgian Embassy, Consulate and Representation of its decision.

What should be done with materials sent by Flanders Image after use/screening?
Any materials we lend you (whether preview DVDs or films in their screening formats) always have to be returned, unless specifically agreed otherwise.They should be returned immediately, free of charge, to our offices (apart from 35mm prints, which have to be returned directly to the Royal Belgian Film Archives).Important: This also includes materials that are shipped via diplomatic pouch – delivery straight to our offices has to be guaranteed, ie, arranged and covered by the festival.We also expect festivals to take all necessary precautions (insurance) with regards to loss/theft or damage of materials.

Can we use the materials on your website?
All materials on this site offered as downloads can be used by festivals presenting the respective title(s).The same goes for items in our (print and electronic) publications, on the condition that they clearly state the source/publication and its author.

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