Can we use the materials on your website?
Journalists and media outlets can obtain access to a special media area on this website where you can download press releases, press kits, stills, location photos, portraits, trailers and clips from films. All these materials may be used for and in press and media coverage about the respective titles. In addition, all materials featured on the rest of the site that are offered as downloads can of course also be used by the media covering those title(s). The same goes for items in our (print and electronic) publications, on the condition that they clearly state the source/publication and its author. (Important: there is a copyright on most portraits used in our magazine.)

Can I contact Flanders Image to set up interviews with local filmmakers, producers, actors/actresses etc?
Yes you can, but in case of a title to be presented at a festival we may refer you to the film’s international publicist or (depending on the territory) local distributor.

Can I contact Flanders Image with story ideas for its publications?
Of course you can! We’d be delighted to hear from you.

What if I need to screen some of your films for review or research purposes?
In addition to supplying information, Flanders Image also handles requests to screen titles that are potentially of interest to you. There is a 30-seat theatre in the Flanders Film House, which is regularly used for press screenings of our titles. So just get in touch and we’ll see that your screening is organised. And if you’re unable to come to Brussels, we may be able to lend you a screener DVD.

What should be done with any screening materials sent by Flanders Image?
Screener DVDs etc must always be returned, unless specifically agreed otherwise. They should be returned immediately, free of charge, to our offices. We also expect you to take all necessary precautions with regards to loss/theft or damage of these materials.

What about copyright?
Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy the materials and/or make them available on a server, not even for internal or personal use.We also remind you that the recording of a film during its projection, regardless of the recording device (camera, mobile phone etc) is prohibited.Illegal copying is a crime and Flanders Image will immediately cease any form of collaboration. Cases of piracy/copyright infringements, as well as regular cases of loss/theft or damage as a result of negligence, will automatically lead to the exclusion of a journalist or media outlet from receiving materials from Flanders Image.

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