EN - A well-known writer is assaulted in a porn cinema where he had gone to interview Rose, a young student working as a prostitute. Police investigator Hannah Maes and her team decide to go undercover in Sin City, a place for everyone shunning daylight and for the girls who pick up their clients there. When they discover that the owner of both the porn cinema and Sin City is Rose’s uncle, the case becomes personal…

FR - Un écrivain célèbre est assailli dans un cinéma pornographique. Il avait un rendez-vous avec Rose, une jeune étudiante travaillant comme prostituée. L’enquêteur Hannah Maes et son équipe décident d’aller incognito au club Sin City, un lieu pour ceux évitant la lumière du jour et où les filles accueillent leurs clients. Lorsqu’ils découvrent que le patron, à la fois du cinéma pornographique et de Sin City, n’est autre que l’oncle de Rose, cela devient une affaire personnelle, particulièrement pour Hannah, car elle ne sait que trop bien les dégâts que peuvent causer les secrets de famille.


Title Code 37 - The Film
Original title Code 37 - de film
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Features
Year 2011


Cast Veerle Baetens, Michaël Pas, Marc Lauwrys, Gilles De Schryver, Geert Van Rampelberg
Photography Ruben Impens
Editing Frank Van Looy
Sound Geert Vlegels
Costume Tine Verbeurgt
Makeup Diana Dreesen
Music The intergalactic Lovers, Piet De Ridder

Technical specs

Running time film 100'
Release format ARRI Alexa
Aspect ratio 2.35
Sound format Dolby 5.1
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Becoming Elise

Veerle Baetens has spent much of the past four years playing tough vice cop Hannah Maes in Code 37, first a successful Flemish TV series and then a movie. 'Hannah is very aggressive and very emotional, but completely blocked,' she explains. 'She has a lot of hate and she wants revenge.' Her new role, Elise in Felix van Groeningen’s The Broken Circle Breakdown (pictured on the set with director Felix van Groeningen), is much more open, encompassing great pain but also great love. 'She goes through so many things during the movie,' Baetens says. 'Pure happiness, pure passion for a guy, the birth of her child. She is so wrapped up in emotions. I really bonded with her.'

Text Ian Mundell

Felix van Groeningen and Veerle Baetens on the set of the Broken Circle BreakdownThat connection was already apparent when Baetens saw the play on which the film is based, the tale of a perfect couple torn apart by grief. 'It was funny and tear-jerking,' she recalls. 'It reminded me a little of how I felt when I saw Dancer in the Dark. Some people really hate the film because it is so emotional, but I love it when people get to that point.'

Published on Tuesday 14 August 2012

Verbruggen boards BBC thriller

Young Flemish helmer Jakob Verbruggen is to direct five-part series The Fall for UK pubcaster BBC. Verbruggen's feature debut Code 37 is to receive its international market debut at this year's European Film Market in Berlin while this year's Fantasporto will mark its international premiere.

Director Jakob Verbruggen in an interview with Ward Verrijcken (VRT)Verbruggen will start shooting The Fall in Belfast at the end of March. The series tells the story of the personal life of a serial killer who's being sought by a female police officer, played by Gillian Anderson, best known for her performance as Scully in The X-Files. The Fall is written by BAFTA nominee Alan Cubitt and produced by Gub Neal of Artists Studio. Both have form in the Prime Suspect franchise as well as other Brit crime drama. The series should air on BBC2 later this year or in early 2013.

Published on Wednesday 8 February 2012

Fantasporto features four filmmakers from Flanders

The 32nd Oporto International Film Festival (24 Febr – 3 March) has invited works from no less than four Flemish filmmakers for its line-up. Frank van Passel’s Madonna’s Pig, Jakob Verbruggen’s Code 37, Nuru, a short by Michael Palmaers, and Christophe Van Rompaey's Lena have been selected for Fest.

Madonna's PigCode 37 became an instant box office hit in its home territory when released last fall. The film was running alongside Madonna’s Pig and Geoffrey Enthoven’s Come As You Are in theatres and together the films even managed to register over 80,000 admissions during one weekend. The film is to receive its market première at this year's European Film Market in Berlin. Code 37 director Jakob Verbruggen is now also set to direct the BBC mini-series The Fall, written by the BAFTA nominated Alan Cubitt.

Published on Monday 6 February 2012

80,000 cinemagoers to see Flemish film in weekend

Flemish films locally registered a total of 80,000-plus admissions in the 11 November weekend. Both Code 37 – the film and Come As You Are (Hasta la vista) continue to perform strong at the local box office, each of them now having passed the 200,000-admission mark, while Frank Van Passel’s return to the big screen, Madonna’s Pig, had a good start.

Actor Michaël Pas in Jakob Verbruggen's Code 37 - The MovieBoth Code 37 – the film and Come As You Are passed the 200,000-admission mark this weeking, reaching Platinum Award status in Flanders. While Come As You Are is in its nineth week of release, Code 37 opened three weeks ago. Both titles continue to draw large audiences to the cinema. Code 37 – the film ended second at the local, following Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin.

Published on Wednesday 16 November 2011

Code 37 off to a spectacular start

Jakob Verbruggen’s feature debut Code 37 - the film registered a stunning 109,477 admissions in its first week at the local box office, making it the second best start for an indigenous film after 2007’s record-breaking Loft by Erik Van Looy.

Still from Jakob Verbruggen's Code 37: The MovieThe film, based on the popular Code 37 crime TV series, immediately started strong with well over 8,000 admissions on its opening night. In its first week, it also had the highest screen average nationally. In Code 37 - the film, Ghent vice squad chief inspector Hannah Maes and her team are investigating a series of weird indecency offences taking place in the city's nightlife district.

Published on Sunday 30 October 2011

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Last edited on 11 September 2015

Short info

Director Jakob Verbruggen
Producers Dirk Impens
Writers Ed Vanderweyden, Hola Guapa

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