EN - Jurgen Willocx travels to the tiny, overpopulated island Migingo in Lake Victoria (Kenya) to film a post-apocalyptic science fiction documentary about the obscure life on a small rock in the middle of the sea after a deluge. While shooting the film he realizes that he is the one washed ashore, trapped on the island and clamped between fiction and reality, different cultures and traditions, ambitions and fears.

This film is a desperate search for structure on a chaotic island. While exploring the characters and possible topics, discouragement gradually seeps inside… Through the many conversations of Jurgen and Liz, his translator, he starts doubting the purpose of his film, why he came to this island in the first place and why Liz keeps supporting him. All of a sudden, the film changes its direction and tells the story of a filmmaker who, along with his translator, makes an attempt to adapt to this island, the ethics of documentary making and especially to adjust to each other.

NL - Filmmaker Jurgen Willocx reist naar het piepkleine en overbevolkte eiland Migingo in het Victoriameer te Kenya om er een nieuwe film te maken. Een post-apocalyptische science fiction documentaire over het donkere leven op een kleine rots midden in de zee na een zondvloed. Maar tijdens het filmen beseft Jurgen echter dat hij diegene is die er aangespoeld is. Geklemd tussen fictie en realiteit, tussen culturen en tradities, tussen ambities en angsten, zit hij gevangen op het eiland.


Title Migingo
Original title Migingo
Status In post-production
Production Majority Flemish
Category Docs
Year 2017


Editing Jurgen Willocx, Febe Simoens

Technical specs


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Last edited on 19 April 2017

Short info

Director Jurgen Willocx
Producers Anastassia Oudovitchenko

Earlybirds Films
Molenaarsstraat 111, bus 5
9000 Gent


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