Salmon for Corleone, a cultural road movie in 11 episodes of 40 minutes, is produced for Canvas, the quality channel of VRT. Herman, an enthusiastic bachelor who wants to marry the Sicilian Donna de Parta, daughter of Don de Parta in the village of Corleone, presents the program. The dowry, a real (fresh!) Norwegian Salmon, turns into a quest throughout Europe. Apart from the narrative romantic aspect, Salmon for Corleone is really a travel programme in which travelling is often as important as stopping at sights, cultural highlights, events and people. On the road we discover the human side of the local culture. Salmon for Corleone is an alternative journey through Europe. Salmon for Corleone is an unusual travel programme : stripping Europe from its stereotyped tourist traps, it puts the continent in a totally different spotlight.


Title Salmon for Corleone
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 1999


Cast Herman Van Molle
Editing Michel Ronsmans
Music Klaus Goublomme

Technical specs

Running time film 11 x 40
Release format Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio 16:9


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Last edited on 11 February 2015

Short info

Producers Kim De Vry
Writers Jan Matthys, Dirk Nielandt, Herman Van Molle
Contact TV De Wereld
Karl Symons
Vaartdijk 3 601
B-3018 Wijgmaal (Brabant)
T +32 16 30 09 00
F +32 16 30 09 01