EN - Gentse Waterzooi is not only a famous Belgian local dish, but also a delighting culinary travel programme spiced up with a pinch of humour. The pleasure of travelling combined with the delights of the local cuisines, form the main ingredients of this surprising new travel programme. Our presenter crosses the world with the basic ingredients of the famous Flemish dish Gentse Waterzooi to meet people of different cultures and prepare with them their own speciality: a paella in Spain, Tagine in Morocco, Sopa de Tortillas in Mexico etc. The program aims to be accessible to the large public. The local dishes are easily prepared at home and practical travel information is smoothly incorporated in the presenters journey. Gentse Waterzooi is an original way to explore countries and the wonders of their local cuisines. It entices the taste buds as well as the travel vibes, discovers the flavours of the world and catches the taste of travelling!


Title The Taste of Travelling
Original title Gentse Waterzooi
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 2000


Cast Gène Bervoets

Technical specs

Running time series 9 x 30'


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Last edited on 3 January 2014

Short info

Director Philippe Denys, Dimitri Was, Matthias Temmermans, Kurt Stevens
Producers Kim De Vry

TV De Wereld
Karl Symons
Vaartdijk 3 / 601
3018 Wijgmaal
T +32 (0)16 30 09 00
F +32 (0)16 30 09 01

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