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From Bullhead to Borgman

It has taken a little while, but Jeroen Perceval is beginning to feel the Bullhead effect. After playing opposite Matthias Schoenaerts in the Oscar-nominated film, the offers have been rolling in. ‘It took about a year, but then a lot of people started calling,’ he says. Thanks to one of those calls he will walk the red carpet in Cannes for the world premiere of Alex van Warmerdam’s Borgman.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Filip Van Roe

jeroeninborgmanOther calls led to smaller roles in the French film Son épouse by Michel Spinosa, shot in India with Charlotte Gainsbourg  and Yvan Attal, and Die andere Heimat, the conclusion of Edgar Reitz’s epic series exploring German history. The shifts in accent and language of this international work have been rewarding. ‘Some actors like to stay close to themselves, but I like to change.’

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Published on Monday 27 May 2013

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