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Shortissimo: Bülent Öztürk's Houses With Small Windows

In Bülent Öztürk's Houses With Small Windows, a young Kurdish woman has shamed her family and therefore has to die at the hands of her own brothers. According to tradition the killing must be balanced out so yet another victim is made.

Text Ian Mundell

Still from Bülent Öztürk's Houses With Small WindowsBülent Oztürk was born in Turkey and came to Belgium as a student refugee in 1995. He attended film school in Brussels, returning to Turkey to shoot his graduation film, a documentary about the inhabitants of a supposedly deserted village. He followed this with Waiting, a documentary about survivors of the earthquake that hit eastern Turkey in October 2011.

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Published on Friday 30 August 2013

After the Earthquake

When Bülent Oztürk set out to make Waiting, a documentary about survivors of the earthquake that hit eastern Turkey in October 2011, he had a single image in mind. It was a picture of a woman by a grave, holding a photograph of a small boy in her hands. 'I thought: I will find this woman and I will make a documentary with her,' he says.

Text Ian Mundell

beklemek waiting bülent öztürkHe knew that this was a tall order. It's not so easy in that society for an outsider to find and talk to a married woman, still less persuade her to be in a film. 'I knew it was a high mark to aim for, but I needed the energy that came from having that ideal to bring everything together and go there, in winter, and make a film.' (pictured still on the right)

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Published on Tuesday 14 August 2012

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