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Under the Influence: David Williamson

At the Sint-Lukas film school David Williamson was flagged up as a young director to watch, winning a prestigious VAF Wildcard award for his short NOW/HERE. But since graduating he has also gained a reputation as a creative cinematographer, making his feature debut behind the camera on Caroline Strubbe's I'm the same I'm an other.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Gert Verboven

Portrait of David Williamson (c) Gert VerbovenWilliamson traces his interest in film to a day in his late teens when he had a few hours to kill in Antwerp. On a whim he decided to see Mulholland Drive. 'I had no clue who David Lynch was, and it was a revelation,' he recalls. 'He really got in contact with the line between fiction and reality, or different realities, and the complexity of it all. The fact that you could really think about it afterwards, that really excited me.'

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Published on Friday 30 August 2013

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