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Don Quixote Remixed

Don Quixote is a name that everyone recognises. The hero of Miguel De Cervantes’ classic early 17th century novel about the day-dreaming Hidalgo has inspired many movies… close to 200 at the last reckoning. Writer-director Didier Volckaert is revisiting the story of the ‘man of La Mancha’, but his film, Quixote’s Island, promises to be in a very different register from previous adaptations of Quixote.

Still from Quixote's IslandText: Geoffrey Macnab

Didier Volckaert is at pains to point out that he isn’t making ‘a typical Don Quixote film’ with an ‘old man on a horse’ tilting at windmills. He has re-fashioned the story for the present day. His version of Quixote is a rite of passage tale about a troubled youngster, San, who ‘has difficulties in his relationship with the outside world.’ This kid has the odds stacked against him. His mother has died of cancer. His father, a crisis manager, is always travelling for work. ‘He has this bubble that he created,’ Volckaert reflects of his protagonist. ‘One day he falls in love with a girl, which means the bubble bursts open.’ The object of the boy’s affection is a femme fatale (played by Eline Kuppens): she is two years older than him and knows infinitely more about the dark side of life.

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Published on Thursday 28 July 2011

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