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Loft in translation

The international career of Flemish thriller Loft (pictured) is clearly a source of satisfaction to screenwriter Bart De Pauw. After a Dutch remake in 2010, an American version is due to arrive in cinemas later this year. 'It's quite a compliment for me that the story is international enough to make sense, that an American audience can relate to it,' he says.

Text Ian Mundell

loftHowever it's the original version of the story, about five men who keep a secret apartment for their love affairs, which remains his favourite. 'The others are interesting variations, but my heart belongs to the one we made,' he says. 'For me it's more subtle, more profound. It's exactly what I imagined.'

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Published on Tuesday 14 August 2012

Fine Young Primitives

Three independent Flemish TV production companies have come together in a joint venture that will launch their most creative formats on to the international market. It's Sue Green's job, as managing director of The New Flemish Primitives, to select and package the programmes with the greatest international appeal.

Text: Ian Mundell

Still from 'Eternal Flory''Flanders is a small but incredibly creative market,' Green says. One reason for this creativity is that locally produced programmes are constantly benchmarked against broadcasting from neighbouring France, Holland and the UK, all accessible to Flemish viewers. 'It's quite a crowded market, where the Flemish are having to compete against interesting programmes, made with bigger budgets,' she explains. A number of Flemish production companies have been taken on by international groups looking for a foothold in the territory, and this helps their formats to reach international markets. But things are not so easy for the companies that remain independent. 'For all the international scouting that happens, by the big groups and broadcasters, you still need to stand up and say: "Here we are!"'This is why independent producers Woestijnvis, De Filistijnen and deMensen decided to set up The New Flemish Primitives. 'They realised that it was better to pool their resources and see if there was something they could do in terms of international distribution of their formats,' says Green.

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Published on Tuesday 6 September 2011

A lofty remake

On a muggy morning in New Orleans in late May, Flemish filmmaker Erik Van Looy is making last minute preparations for the production of his first American movie, Loft.

Text: Geoffrey Macnab

actor Matthias Schoenaerts in Erik Van Looy's original The LoftThe $15 million film, due to shoot in early June, is a US remake of Van Looy’s own 2008 runaway hit Belgian movie Loft, which posted a staggering 1.2 million admissions in its home territory. It’s the story of a group of philandering male friends who share a spacious loft in which they secretly entertain their lovers and latest conquests. All works well… until a dead body turns up in their midst. Steve Golin’s Anonymous Content has come on board to produce the film, which is being sold to international distributors by Sierra/Affinity. Several top young American actors are in the ensemble cast, among them Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) and James Marsden (X-Men).

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Published on Wednesday 3 August 2011

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