Gust Van den Berghe graduated filmschool in 2010 with his debute feature Little baby Jesus of Flandr. A year later he made his second film Blue Bird, both premiered at the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes. In 2012 he wrote and directed an opera for a young audience Queen of the Night, a free adaptation on Mozarts Magic flute. Lucifer is his third film and also the final piece of a filmic tryptic.

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Rhapsody in Blue

Last year, Gust Van Den Berghe’s debut feature Little Baby Jesus Of Flandr was shown to a huge ovation in Cannes. Now, a year later, he has completed a new feature film, Blue Bird, which has already been snapped up by leading international sales agent The Coproduction Office and is bound to enjoy a very long festival life. The prodigiously talented Van Den Berghe, who is now busily plotting a third feature, is only 25 years old.

Text Geoffrey Macnab Portrait Bart Dewaele

Gust Van Den BergheCannes 2010. At the screening of Little Baby Jesus Of Flandr in the Quinzaine, the audience was wildly enthusiastic. The film’s young director sat there, gratified but startled.

‘It was pretty extreme… but good extreme!’ he says of his experiences at his first major festival. ‘The people at the Quinzaine are wonderful people. They gave birth to me as an artist. It’s a very important moment in my life. I’ll never forget and I’ll never be able to have that same pure experience as at that particular screening where, for the first time, I had a contact with an audience.’

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Published on Friday 29 July 2011

Blue Bird

Little Baby Jesus of Flandr helmer Gust Van den Berghe and his DOP, Hans Bruch Jr (pictured), recently returned from Togo, Africa, where they completed principal photography on new feature, Blue Bird. Producer is Tomas Leyers for Minds Meet.

Blue BirdInspired by L’Oiseau bleu, the 1908 play by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Maurice Maeterlinck, the film tells the story of two boys, Mytyl and Tytyl, and their search for a mysterious blue bird, which they manage to capture after a long journey through the weirdest of worlds and experiences. And then lose.

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Published on Tuesday 25 January 2011

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