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Simply the beast

There’s a buzz around the new Beast animation studio in Mechelen. Partly it’s the sound of power tools putting the finishing touches to the building, partly it’s the hum of activity that goes along with stop-motion animation, the beast speciality.

Text: Ian Mundell

Beast animation‘If we go into 3D animation studios we see a lot of people sitting in front of computers with their headphones on, not talking to each other,’ says Ben Tesseur, one of Beast’s two founders. ‘All you hear is click-click-click and the computers whirring.’

In contrast, the people working at Beast chat away and listen to music as they adjust lighting rigs, dress sets and manipulate puppets. ‘The atmosphere on a stop-motion set is similar to live-action shooting,’ Tesseur says, ‘but without the screaming. It’s more or less the same madness, but a bit slower.’

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Published on Thursday 28 July 2011

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