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Coming out of the shadow

The Oscar nomination for Death of a Shadow is opening doors for producer Ellen De Waele, attracting new talent and bringing offers for international co-productions. Meanwhile her company, Serendipity Films, is about to release its first fiction feature, 82 Days in April. ‘It’s a very exciting time,’ she says. ‘We hope to start developing more projects, to grow and also be more active on the international level. It’s something I’m really looking forward to.’

Text Ian MundellPortrait Bart Dewaele

ellenDe Waele studied journalism and anthropology, but found neither entirely satisfying. Journalism was too shallow and the immersion required for field anthropology was too intense. So she set out to explore the possibilities of using visual means to popularise anthropology.

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Published on Wednesday 5 June 2013

Under the influence: Tom Van Avermaet

Tom Van Avermaet was hooked early on by the fantastic stories cinema could tell. Now his fantasy film Death of a Shadow has been nominated this year in the live action shorts category of the Academy Awards.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Bart Dewaele

tomvanaThe first time I went to see a film in the cinema, it was to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,' he recalls. 'Even then I was fascinated by the effect that seeing a film in a movie theatre had on me.' This connected with his childhood urge to tell stories. 'From that moment on I became a little bit obsessed by the medium of film. I couldn't see myself telling stories in any other way.

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Published on Thursday 23 May 2013

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