Dirk Impens started his career in the early 80s touring Europe with a variety of stage productions for the Internationale Nieuwe Scene theatre company. After working in production for several years, Impens launched his own production outfit Favourite Films in 1989, later to become Menuet, and quickly became one of the most active independent producers in Flanders. He produced films by Robbe De Hert, Frank Van Passel, Jan Verheyen, Vincent Bal a.o. and scored instant success with the production of Stijn Coninx’ Daens, which was nominated for the Oscar® for Best Foreign Language Film in 1993.

Since then, Dirk Impens has produced over 30 projects, including short films, feature films (Turquaze, Code 37, Gilles, Team Spirit) and various television series like Cataract, Code 37 and Deadline 14/10.

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