Bart Van den Bempt is a psychologist turned film director. After his graduation from film school in Brussels, he travelled around the world on a cargo ship and made the stretch of land between Istanbul and Kyoto his most beloved part of the planet. Initially working as an assistant director and producer, he became partner of production company Roses Are Blue in 1998 and started directing commercials. Seven years later, he decided to become freelance again and ever since he combines working for television and theatre with writing scripts and directing commercials. 82 Days in April is Bart Van den Bempt’s debut as a feature film director.

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Coming out of the shadow

The Oscar nomination for Death of a Shadow is opening doors for producer Ellen De Waele, attracting new talent and bringing offers for international co-productions. Meanwhile her company, Serendipity Films, is about to release its first fiction feature, 82 Days in April. ‘It’s a very exciting time,’ she says. ‘We hope to start developing more projects, to grow and also be more active on the international level. It’s something I’m really looking forward to.’

Text Ian MundellPortrait Bart Dewaele

ellenDe Waele studied journalism and anthropology, but found neither entirely satisfying. Journalism was too shallow and the immersion required for field anthropology was too intense. So she set out to explore the possibilities of using visual means to popularise anthropology.

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Published on Wednesday 5 June 2013

Under the influence: Bart Van den Bempt

Towards the end of film school, one of Bart Van den Bempt’s teachers asked the class about their plans. Most talked about making a first feature within three years. ‘I said: well, I’ll see what happens,’ he recalls. ‘I want to see a bit of the world first and if in 10 years I can make something interesting, then I will be glad.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Bart Dewaele

bartHis timing was a little optimistic. Almost 20 years on, van den Bempt is about to complete his first feature film, 82 Days in April. 'It's a very very late debut,' he laughs. 'But I like the path I've taken.

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Published on Monday 3 June 2013

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