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Call the A Team

Hendrik Verthé and Kobe Van Steenberghe didn’t want to hang around after film school, so they set up their own company, a team productions. Four years on they’ve produced several shorts, including the multi-award winning Land of the Heroes, and they have just wrapped shooting on their first feature production, Image.

Text Ian Mundell | Portrait Bart Dewaele

vertThe pair met at the RITS film school in Brussels and worked together on several projects, including their respective  graduation films. 'At the end Hendrik said: Let's start a company. And I said: That's a great idea,' recalls Van Steenberghe. 'It was a bit naive, maybe, but we didn't want to work all the time on little jobs and then only do something 10 years later. We decided just to do it ourselves, start the company and see how it goes.'

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Published on Monday 3 June 2013

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