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The floating world of Hans Op de Beeck

The artist Hans Op de Beeck works across all forms of media, combining painting and sculpture, photography and video. At the heart of his most recent work, Sea of Tranquillity, is a 30-minute film that takes us on a voyage into the night.

Text Ian Mundell

Still from Sea of TranquilitySea of Tranquillity has its origins in 2008, when Op de Beeck spent a short time as artist in residence in the French town of Saint-Nazaire. Situated on the Atlantic coast, it has a long tradition of ship building, most recently of massive ocean liners.

‘Initially I really didn't have a clue what I'd find in Saint-Nazaire,' he recalls. 'My simple plan was to go over there and see what the surroundings could bring me. Pretty fast I found that the cruise liner construction activity would be something to work with, since it says so much about how we construct preconceived, artificial, safe and tamed spaces, for example shopping malls and gated communities. The cruise liner is an archetype of how we stage life nowadays.'

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Published on Friday 29 July 2011

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