Stijn Coninx

Stijn Coninx (°1957) graduated from the RITS film school in Brussels in the 80s and started his career directing a short film, some commercials as well as his first feature film Hector, a comedy starring Flemish stand-up comedian Urbanus. Following the success of his feature debut he directed Koko Flanel, again starring Urbanus. Coninx’ 1992 drama Daens marks a turning point in his career. The true story about a catholic priest who strives to improve the miserable working conditions in local Flemish factories not only receives international praise but is nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Coninx also directed TV series The Kavijaks and films like When the Light Comes (1998), Further Than The Moon (2003) and Sister Smile (2009) starring Cécile de France.

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Rocco and the brothers

‘Marina, Marina, Marina / Ti voglio al piu presto sposar.’ The chorus of ‘Marina’, an international hit for Rocco Granata in the early 60s, speaks thus about marriage. The Dardenne brothers and Stijn Coninx have come together to recount the early years of Rocco Granata in Marina, and to turn his popular hit into a hymn in praise of immigration.

Text Alex Masson | Portrait Danny Willems

stijnbroersdardenneThe alliance between Stijn Coninx and the Dardenne brothers, that also goes back some time. 'We met Stijn at the beginning of the 90s. Dirk Impens, one of his producers, had worked on Je pense à vous, our second film, and we became co-producers of Daens. Since then, we have always followed what Stijn was doing. He talked to us about Marina, sent us the script, and we took it from there. But we already had a link with the project, since we used Rocco Granata's song on the soundtrack of The Promise.'

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Published on Monday 27 May 2013

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