Clan, Deadline 14/10 and Quiz Me Quick to Séries Mania

In Paris, the fourth edition of the Séries Mania Festival (22-28 April) has taken off showcasing three television series from Flanders. Deadline 14/10 has been selected for the fest’s public programme, alongside BBC-HBO’s co-production with Flanders,Parade’s End. The series ClanQuiz Me Quick and – again – Deadline 14/10 were added to the professional programme of Séries Mania.

ClanDeadline 14/10 is screening in the World Programme of the festival, showing the public some 15 series from all over the world. Creativity and originality take centre stage in this section.

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Published on Tuesday 23 April 2013

Nearly 2.3 million viewers for Flemish TV fiction

The premiere episodes of new Flemish TV series Clan, Deadline 14/10 and The Spiral together gathered an impressive total of 2.3 million viewers in Flanders. Never before have local broadcasters committed this strongly to original indigenous quality fiction. The increase in domestic TV production is a result of the new Media fund which also supported upcoming TV series such as Quiz Me Quick, Salamander and HBO/BBC’s Parade’s End.

The SpiralSunday evening 9 September saw a historic first for television in Flanders. No fewer than three original quality fiction series were counter-programmed by leading channels één and vtm: Clan, Deadline 14/10 and The Spiral. Preliminary results indicate that the three TV series attracted a total of 2,274,000 viewers. Combined with delayed viewing and a number of repeat airings, the final total number is estimated to pass 3 million viewers or half of the population of the Flanders region.

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Published on Tuesday 11 September 2012

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