Flemish films locally registered a total of 80,000-plus admissions in the 11 November weekend. Both Code 37 – the film and Come As You Are (Hasta la vista) continue to perform strong at the local box office, each of them now having passed the 200,000-admission mark, while Frank Van Passel’s return to the big screen, Madonna’s Pig, had a good start.

Actor Michaël Pas in Jakob Verbruggen's Code 37 - The MovieBoth Code 37 – the film and Come As You Are passed the 200,000-admission mark this weeking, reaching Platinum Award status in Flanders. While Come As You Are is in its nineth week of release, Code 37 opened three weeks ago. Both titles continue to draw large audiences to the cinema.

Code 37 – the film ended second at the local, following Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin. While Tintin opened nation-wide on 169 screens, Code 37 – the film can be seen in ‘only’ 34 theatres in Flanders and Brussels. In terms of screen-average, Code 37 scores approximately 50% higher than Tintin.

Madonna’s Pig also experienced a good opening weekend, registereing close to 22,000 admissions, also thanks to an original marketing campaign including a “flashmob” at the annual Book Fair in Antwerp, a heart-warming première in the litle village of Madonna, and a “where is Porki” competition at a local bookstore chain.

Both Hasta la vista and Madonna’s Pig are supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF).  Code 37 – the film is sold by Attraction Distribution, while Come As You Are is represented internationally by Films Boutique. The Gold, Platinum and Diamond Awards is an initiative by the Ostend Film Festival.

Published on Wednesday 16 November 2011

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