Two advertising campaigns, directed by Cecilia Verheyden and Koen Mortier respectively, managed to grab a staggering total of 14 awards at the 59th International Festival of Creativity (17-23 June), also known as the Cannes Lions. Meanwhile, production outfit Caviar came fourth in the ranking for Best Production Company in the world.

Still from Cecilia Verheyden's Robyn OCecilia Verheyden took no fewer than five Cannes Lions for the campaign she directed for Duval Guillaume Modem: Silver Film Lion (Viral Film), Gold Media Lion, Gold Outdoor Lion, Silver PR Lion and Gold Promo & Activation Lion. The campaign was set up for client Carslberg who wanted to launch their new global strapline ‘That calls for a Carlsberg.’ Verheyden's short Robyn O. (pictured) recently won an Award for Best Short Film at the Brussels Film Festival.

In the Carlsberg commercial, a series of unsuspecting couples buy cinema tickets, only to find themselves surrounded by hardcore bikers as they walk in the theatre. Many walk straight out, but those brave enough to take their seats are rewarded by cheers and a bottle of Carlsberg as the strapline flashes up on the screen. The stunt definitely went viral with 16 million views on YouTube and 2 million facebook shares. Watch it here

American cable TV channel TNT took on Antwerp-based communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem and director Koen Mortier (Ex Drummer, 22nd of May) to promote their launch in Flanders. The resulting campaign fit perfectly with the channel’s slogan ‘We know drama’ and came home with eight awards from Cannes: Silver Cyber Lion (viral advertising), Bronze Direct Lion (strategy), Silver Film Lion (Viral Film), Gold Media Lion, Gold Outdoor Lion, Gold PR Lion and two Gold Promo & Activation Lions.

A red button with the accompanying text ‘push to add drama' was set up in the middle of a village square somewhere in Flanders. Most passers-by were reluctant to push but a number of people mustered up the courage to give it a try. What followed was carefully orchestrated drama, directed by Koen Mortier, who’s no stranger to the advertising world. The result quickly became a viral hit with more than 29 million views on YouTube, 3.8 million Facebook shares, 120,000 tweets and even a Lego parody, all in less than one week. Watch the campaign here

Finally, production company Caviar (also known for such features as Bo, Madonna’s Pig and Madly In Love) can celebrate its fourth place for the Palme d’Or Awards. Its recognition as one of the best production companies in the world can only further encourage its ongoing international expansion. In addition to its Brussels branch, Caviar currently has seats in LA, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and most recently, London. In an interview with local newspaper De Standaard, owner and executive producer Bert Hamelinck identifies their ‘stubborn determination’ as the basis of their current success.

Published on Wednesday 27 June 2012

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