Peter Krüger’s award-winning creative documentary Antwerp Central has been selected for the Architecture & Design Film Festival in Chicago (5-9 May).

Earlier this year, Antwerp Central won the Grand Prix at the 29th edition of the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA, 17-27 March), where it was described as ‘a historical, mildly ironic and contemplative look at the Central Station in Antwerp’.

In Antwerp Central, the director takes the viewer on a journey through the physical and mental space of Antwerp’s railway cathedral, from its construction to the present day. Drawing inspiration from the book Austerlitz by WG Sebald, screenwriter/director Krüger approaches Antwerp Central Railway Station as a magical realist location, where present and past, history and daily life, fiction and reality are in constant flux. Considered one of the finest examples of railway architecture in Belgium, with its architecture that combines glass and metal, Antwerp station embodies the spirit of the Industrial Revolution, which saw railway stations and railroads flourish across Europe.

Director of photography on Antwerp Central is Rimvydas Leipus, while Walter Hus signed for the score, and both Els Voorspoels and Nico Leunen edited the film. In addition to directing, Peter Krüger was also responsible for the screenplay.

Antwerp Central is produced by Jan Roekens for Sophimages (Marieke, Marieke; Queen Mary II: The Birth of a Legend; The Lost Secret of Catharina The Great) and made with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), the Belgian Tax shelter, RTBF and Vrt’s Canvas, among others.

Published on Saturday 7 May 2011

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