Piet Sonck’s short film Chit Chat has won the Award for Best Direction at the Fastnet Short Film Festival in Cork, Ireland. The short was also in the running for three other categories.

Piet sonck chit chatThe Irish fest boasts no less than 13 competitive categories. In additino to the Award for Best Direction, which comes with a modest cash prize, Chit Chat was also considered for Best of the fest, Best Drama and Best Original Music.

In Chit Chat, two sisters are walking to the subway after a day's shopping, discussing birthdays gifts, childish sums, their favourite bands and hair colour combinations. It slowly becomes clear that there's something peculiar about their relationship, not only between each other but also with their surroundings. Furthermore, Anna's severe cough seems to worsen as she gets a panic attack…

The film is a one-take, single-shot short of just 12 minutes, produced by Gypsy productions and supported by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund, among others.

Published on Wednesday 4 July 2012

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