Little Baby Jesus of Flandr helmer Gust Van den Berghe and his DOP, Hans Bruch Jr (pictured), recently returned from Togo, Africa, where they completed principal photography on new feature, Blue Bird. Producer is Tomas Leyers for Minds Meet.

Blue BirdInspired by L’Oiseau bleu, the 1908 play by Nobel Prize for Literature winner Maurice Maeterlinck, the film tells the story of two boys, Mytyl and Tytyl, and their search for a mysterious blue bird, which they manage to capture after a long journey through the weirdest of worlds and experiences. And then lose.

The story, the director explains, dates from an era when symbolism was in full bloom. ‘It’s filled with fantasy and the most impossible scenes. Everything is in ecstasy: nature and humans, everything is pure and flourishing. It’s quite a task to translate this to film as it’s about “magic”, which can too easily become “wizardry” on film. And that’s a huge and essential difference. It’s my intention to create a surreal painting in which we can maintain the magic of the original work.’

Published on Tuesday 25 January 2011

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