Mediatoon Distribution (Contraptus, The Garfield Show) has recently sold the Chickentown rights to a wide range of foreign buyers.

chickentownThe VOD rights to the series were sold to Netflix (USA) and Videotron (Canada), the tv- rights to MNCTV (Indonesia), Canal+ Poland, RTP (Portugal). Previously, Chickentown had already been bought by Canal + Family and Orange Cinéma Séries in France, to Norwegian public broadcaster NRK , to RTVE from Spain, to Disney Asia and, closer to home, to French-speaking Belgian public broadcaster RTBF.

The animate series revolves around the daily escapades of 5 hipster chickens who find themselves in the most ludicrous situations. The chickens live on a big-city parking lot and have to find a way to lay their daily egg for Zino, their crazy boss. Chickentown is produced by Flemish production outfit  1st-day (Charly Vet, Paris Bastard).

Published on Tuesday 28 February 2012

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