Flemish crime series De Ridder is part of the official competition at the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA, 21-26 January) in Biarritz. Also to be seen at FIPA, commemorating the Great War with a special section, is documentary series At War. As previously announced, helmer Jan Matthys will be presented with the EuroFIPA of Honor for his entire works, followed by a screening of an episode of his upcoming war series In Flanders Fields.

In Flanders FieldsFor its 27th edition, the official competition of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs covers ten fiction series, De Ridder being one of them. The Flemish crime series is surrounded by international hits as BBC’s Peaky Blinders or the American Hostages.

In the series, actress Clara Cleymans who could already be seen in a.o. Quiz Me Quick and Germaine takes up the main role of Helena De Ridder. A young and ambitious prosecutor, she follows each of her cases from accusation to conviction and gives the legal system a human face. Rik D’hiet scripted De Ridder, of which a second season is already underway.

FIPA joins the commemoration of the Great War in 2014 by creating a special programme around the theme including At War. In this nine-part documentary series, Arnout Hauben, Jonas Van Thielen and Mikhael Cops set off for a journey across Europe. They walk for eighty days, travelling along the entire European frontline, from Nieuwpoort, Belgium to Galipoli, Turkey.

Not only At War is screening at FIPA, also In Flanders Fields is to make its appearance at the international TV festival. A prestigious war series, it portrays the Boesman family struggling to survive World War I. Jan Matthys directed the series, produced by Menuet (The Broken Circle Breakdown) after a script by Carl Joos, Geert Vermeulen and Charles De Weerdt. Having also helmed series as Cataract and The Emperor of Taste, Jan Matthys will be laureled for his entire body of work at this year's FIPA.

With three Flemish projects in the festival’s line-up, it’s obvious that Flanders doesn’t go unnoticed at FIPA. Last year, series as Clan, Salamander and The Spiral already screened at FIPA, while 2012 was the year that kudos went to Steve Thielemans (Desert Island) and Lotte Stoops (Grande Hotel). In 2009, Jan Matthys’ fiction series The Emperor of Taste took home no less than three FIPA d’Or awards (best series, best actress, best music).

In Flanders Fields, a production of Menuet, was made possible with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Media Fund of Flemish Media Minister Ingrid Lieten. Produced by Eyeworks (The Treatment, The Verdict, Marina), De Ridder could also count on the Fund for crossmedia support.

Published on Friday 10 January 2014

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