Marie-France Collard’s Brussels-Kigali and Kristof Bilsen’s White Elephant won the Mario Ruspoli Award and the Nanook-Jean Rouch Grand Prize respectively at the Jean Rouch International Ethnographic Film Festival in paris (10 – 28 Nov). Brussels-Kigali was also selected by the National Commission « Images en Bibliothèques » for distribution in the French public libraries network.

Still from Kristof Bilsen's White ElephantThe Nanook-Jean Rouch Grand Prize for White Elephant is worth € 1,500 granted by CNRS Images. White Elephant focuses on the Central Post Office and its employees in Kinshasa, DR Congo. This grandiose relic of the colonial past  has trapped its employees in a frozen time-warp from which they are planning their escape. From past to present, through the cracks in the walls,  and leaks in the ceilings, we glimpse present-day Congo. The documentary is a production of Bram Crols from Associate Directors.

Marie-France Collard’s Brussels-Kigali covers the Brussels trial of Ephrem Nkezabera: banker and leader of extremist Hutu militias. For the victims, describing the horrors they lived through, and actually being heard, is a fundamental step in their personal recovery. The film is a production of Cobra Films.

Published on Wednesday 28 November 2012

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