Koen Mortier’s controversial debut feature Ex Drummer is to open in New York on 3 March. The film will screen at reBar’s reRun, the hot independent movie theatre in Brooklyn.

Still from 22nd of MayIn Ex Drummer, three disabled rock musicians are searching for a drummer for their band, The Feminists. A well-known writer seems like the right guy for the job, but his only handicap is that he can't play the drums. He joins the group anyway, but soon after his arrival, personal disputes and family feuds start to jeopardise the band’s fragile future.

Directed by Koen Mortier, and starring Dries Vanhegen, Norman Baert, Sam Louwyck and Gunter Lamoot, the film is produced by Eurydice Gysel of CCCP. Director of photography is Glynn Speeckaert. Bands including Millionaire contributed to Ex Drummer’s soundtrack.

The film received its international premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, where the film was shown as part of the fest’s Tiger Competition. It was also part of Toronto’s Midnight Madness programme, and won several prizes including the Special Jury Award at the Warsaw International Film Festival, the Jury Award at the Fant-Asia Film Festival and the Jury Award at the Raindance Film Festival in London, where Time Out described the film as ‘surprising visuals, rude vitality and raw, bullet-proof confidence’.

Mortier’s second feature, 22nd of May, received its world premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, and was also shown as part of the special anniversary Return of the Tigers programme in Rotterdam. International sales of 22nd of May are handled by Matteo Lovadina at Reel Suspects.

Published on Monday 28 February 2011

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