Kenneth Mercken’s short film Feel Sad for the Bunny has been selected for the Guanajuato International Film Festival in Mexico, where it is to have its international premiere as part of the Oscar-qualifying Short Film Competition. The festival line-up also includes D: 729., an animated short by Levi Stoops; and Johan Grimonprez’s documentary Shadow World, which was co-produced with Flanders.

Feel Sad for the BunnyFeel Sad For the Bunny follows 12-year-old Remy who lives with his older brother Bruno and their au pair, Mihaela. Despite the age difference, Remy has a secret crush on Mihaela. But things threaten to explode between the brothers when Bruno also takes an interest in her.

Mercken’s film premiered in Belgium at the Leuven Short Fest - where it received a Special Mention - followed by screenings at the Brussels Film Festival and the Brussels Short Film Festival, where it won the Be TV Award.

Levi Stoops’s animated short D: 729. has been selected for the special Midnight Madness showcase in Guanajuato. In five minutes, the director tells the story of a lonely astronaut who is sexually attracted to his toothbrush. The film has previously screened at festivals in the Netherlands, and in Stockholm and Tel Aviv.

Finally, the Mexican festival also invited Johan Grimonprez’s Shadow World, a documentary based on the book by Andrew Feinstein, a former ANC member of Parliament in South Africa. The film shows how the international trade in weapons fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies, and undermines democracy. Emmy Oost co-produced the film for Flanders.

Eurydice Gysel and Koen Mortier produced Feel Sad For the Bunny for CZAR, the production company that is currently also developing Mercken’s debut feature Coureur. Feel Sad For the Bunny and Shadow World received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)/Film Fund of Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister Sven Gatz.

Published on Tuesday 12 July 2016

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