An unprecedented total of four projects from Flanders are selected for this year’s IDFA Forum, IDFA's international co-financing market for documentaries and Europe's largest gathering of filmmakers, television commissioning editors, and independent documentary producers.

Still from Pieter-Jan De Pue's Land of the EnlightenedThe record-number of Forum projects is another sign of the re-found dynamism in the Flemish documentary sector. The four projects are: Fons Feyaerts’ The King of Mont Ventoux (prod: Associate Directors) is a thrilling virtual competition that puts five legendary cycling heroes in an unprecedented race beyond the boundaries of time, crossing the verge of sports.

The Land of the Enlighted, by Pieter-Jan De Pue (Savage Film) shows the Afghan war as seen through the eyes of local kids.Steven Dhoedt’s State Of Play (Visualantics) presents a year in the life of professional video gamers in South-Korea: when play becomes a profession. The State of the Art by Eva Küpper (Soul Docs) follows the once world famous Tajik ballet. After years of civil war and exile, the few remaining choreographers of the ballet discover the secret to raising the next generation of exceptionally talented ballet stars.

Established in 1993, the IDFA Forum is the largest meeting place for filmmakers, producers and commissioning editors in Europe. It offers financing possibilities for creative documentaries: single films, series, and emerging new media formats. About 90% percent of the projects that are pitched end up getting made.

Over the course of three days, independent producers pitch their projects in two different public pitch setups, depending on subject matter, financing, and stage of development. The public pitch setups consist of the more intimate Round Table Pitches and the traditional Central Pitches. The Round Table setup features commissioning editors and the pitch team at a small round table and limited observers seated in the audience, and allows for a more intimate and often lively atmosphere. 

After last year’s successful introduction of genre-specific programming of the round tables, the Forom decided to continue programming Arts & Culture and Cross-media projects in special Round Table sessions.

Published on Saturday 12 November 2011

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