Autumn  2015 is set to become the busiest season ever for Flemish cinema. 10 Flemish filmmakers will present their first or second feature in the days, weeks and months to come. To celebrate their success, Flanders Image brought the 10 directors together for a photo shoot at Vilvoorde-based camera and lighting rental company Lites.

Ten to watchThe photo of the 10 filmmakers - available HERE (PSD) or HERE (JPEG) - is free of rights in HR/300dpi. (credit: Johan Jacobs/Flanders Image)

Pictured from left to right are: Jan Bultheel (Cafard, selected for Busan); Filip Peeters (Wat mannen willen/What Men Want); Bilall Fallah (co-director of Black, selected for Toronto); Raf Reyntjens (Paradise Trips); Lenny Van Wesemael (Café Derby, selected for Oostende); Lukas Bossuyt (Sum Of Histories, selected for Montréal); Cecilia Verheyden (Achter de wolken/Behind the Clouds); Adil El Arbi (co-director of Black, selected for Toronto); Wim Vandekeybus (Galloping Mind); and Robin Pront (The Ardennes, selected for Toronto and Ghent). More Festival selections will be announced in the weeks to come.

A number of established filmmakers from Flanders will also present new features in the months to come. These include Oscar-nominated Stijn Coninx (with family adventure Ay Ramon!), Jan Verheyen (sequel F.C. De kampioenen 2: Jubilee general), Matthias Timmermans (Mega Mindy vs. Rox), Geoffrey Enthoven (Brother) and Oscar-nominated Felix van Groeningen (Belgica).

The release schedule is as follows:

  • 09/SEP/15 - GALLOPING MIND - Wim Vandekeybus - Savage Film - sales: BE For Film
  • 16/SEP/15 - CAFE DERBY - Lenny Van Wesemael - Menuet - sales: Menuet
  • 23/SEP/15 - CAFARD - Jan Bultheel - Tondo - September Film - sales: UDI
  • 30/SEP/15 - SUM OF HISTORIES - Lukas Bossuyt - Caviar - sales: Media Luna New Films
  • 14/OCT/15 - D’ARDENNEN - Robin Pront - Savage Film - sales: Attraction Distribution
  • 28/OCT/15 - AY RAMON! - Stijn Coninx - Sylvester - sales: Sylvester
  • 28/OCT/15 - FC DE KAMPIOENEN 2: JUBILEE GENERAL - Jan Verheyen - Skyline - sales: Skyline
  • 11/NOV/15 - BLACK - Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah - Caviar - sales: BE For Film
  • 25/NOV/15 - WAT MANNEN WILLEN - Filip Peeters - Marmalade - sales: Marmaade
  • 09/DEC/15 - MEGA MINDY VS. ROX - Matthias Temmermans - Studio 100 - sales: Studio 100
  • 16/DEC/15 - SAFETY FIRST - Tim Van Aelst** - TV Bastards - sales: TV Bastards
  • 20/JAN/16 - BROER - Geoffrey Enthoven - Fobic - sales: Fobic
  • 10/FEB/16 - ACHTER DE WOLKEN - Cecilia Verheyden - Eyeworks – sales: WBITV
  • 03/MAR/16 - BELGICA - Felix van Groeningen - Menuet - sales: Match Factory
  • IN RELEASE - PARADISE TRIPS - Raf Reyntjens - Caviar - sales: M-Appeal

Published on Thursday 3 September 2015

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