Nine short films from Flanders take part in the international competition of the International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo in Athens, Greece. Six live-action shorts, two animation films and one documentary project made the line-up. The eighth edition of the festival runs from 10 till 16 July and presents some 120 shorts, selected out of 4,200 submissions.

Vol au ventLeonardo Van Dijl’s black-and-white short Get Ripped exposes the mental deterioration of a young man determined to transform his body. In its home territory, the film already screened at the Leuven International Short Film Festival, while it has also been confirmed for Outfest LA, which kicks off on July 10. The film is to take part in the fest’s International Male section.

Also selected for Psarokokalo is Benoit De Clerck’s short film The Hunger, about a chance encounter in the dunes of the Flemish coast that will haunt 10-year-old Karel forever. The film also screened in competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival earlier this year.

Then there’s Cadet by Kevin Meul, portraying 13-year-old athlete Steve who’s being doped by his father and coach. The boy is faced with the choice between his self-esteem and their wishes. In Mont d’Or director Karen Vázquez tells the story of Nina, a young girl who falls in love with her older cousin’s boyfriend. Unsure how to behave, Nina decides to copy her cousin’s behaviour.

Anthony Van Biervliet’s Take Me Along shows how the death of a friend causes relationships to break, while in Houses With Small Windows Belgian-Kurdish director Bülent Öztürk addresses the fact that, every year, 5,000 women are murdered in honour killings around the world.

Animation shorts in the programme include Joeri Christaen’s 850 meters about a not-so-brave knight on a quest for fame and fortune. While Isabel Bouttens also sees Vol au vent selected, an animated film about the cat-and-mouse game between a boy and an old lady in a park. The become acquainted when he launches a paper plane.

Finally, Juliette Joffé’s film Maybe Darkness is set to screen in Greece too. A documentary exploring a family’s relationship to their past and the apartment they visit annually, the film scooped a Wildcard prize presented by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund and was also selected for this year’s prestigious Visions du Réel in Switzerland.

It’s not the first time that short films from Flanders find their way in the Psarokokalo line-up. Previously selected films include Kristof Hoornaert’s Kaïn, Oh Willy… by Emma & Marc, Swimsuit 46 by Wannes Destoop and Tom Willems’s Left/Right.

The Hunger, Cadet, Vol au vent, 850 meters and Houses With Small Windows received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund/Film Fund of Flemish Cultural Affairs Minister Joke Schauvliege.

Published on Tuesday 10 June 2014

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