Three animation films from Flanders have been selected for this year's Annecy International Animation Festival (6-11 June). Toon Loenders' BiodiversityDe volgende (The Next One) by Barbara Raedschelders and Dutch-Belgian The Monster of Nix by Rosto, have each been selected for the Shorts Competition, The Advertising Films programme and the Graduation Films section respectively.

Annecy 2011Biodiversity by Toon Loenders has been selected for the Advertising Films section, where it will be competing against 20 other titles from all over the world. Biodiversityis part of a broader EU campaign – 'We are all in this together' to – which aims to increase awareness of the importance of biodiversity in the natural world.

Barbara Raedschelders' KASK graduation film De volgende joins the Graduation Films line-up. The title was also part of the Belgian Short Film Competition at last year's Ghent International Film Festival. 

A third title, The Monster of Nix, by Dutch animator Rosto has been selected for the festival's Shorts Competition. Rosto's previous films have been described as hyper-intense cinematic experiences, as unconventional stories are set in an apocalyptic universe of surreal landscapes inhabited by dark alter-egos. The Monster of Nix is as compelling and visually overwhelming as its predecessors but this time suitable for kids from 10 to 100. 'Strange kids, maybe,' adds Rosto smilingly. The dark fairytale tells of Willy, a troubled boy who fights the destructive force of an all-devouring monster in the village of Nix.

Annecy is one of the leading international festivals for animation. This year alone the festival will be hosting 172 films of all genres in competition. Serge Bromberg, artistic director of the festival, describes this year's selection as the 'year for diversity and talent'.

Published on Monday 21 March 2011

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