Five Flemish shorts were awarded at the 16th edition of the Brussels Short Film Festival (24 April - 4May). Besides the National and International Competition, the festival added a third section this year, titled ‘Next Generation.’ This competition focused exclusively on (inter)national student short films.

hlIn the Next Generation competition, Lukas Dhondt’s Headlong (pictured on the left) grabbed the Grand Prix, worth €1,500, while Anthony Schatteman’s Kiss Me Softly was awarded the Prix National du Public. In the national competition Jules Comes’ This is Ronald and Gilles Coulier’s Mont Blanc, which was recently selected for competition in Cannes, took home the Grand Prix and the Prix d’interprétation masculine respectively. Finally, Rémi Vandenitte’s Betty’s Blues, co-produced by Lunanime (A Cat in Paris), won the Prix de la Critique.

Last year’s winners of the Brussels Short Film Fest include Robin Pront’s Injury Time and Kevin Meul’s The Extraordinary Life of Rocky.

Published on Sunday 5 May 2013

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