Gilles Coulier’s debut feature Cargo has been selected for the First Features Competition at the London Film Festival (4–15 October). Two further features and three shorts from Flanders have also been invited.

GenBCargo tells the raw story of how an Ostend fishing family is brought to the edge of destruction by a series of dramatic events. The lead roles are played by Sam Louwyck, Wim Willaert and Sebastien Dewaele. The film has already been selected for the San Sebastián Film Festival, where it will compete in the New Directors competition. In London, Cargo is competing for the Sutherland Trophy, the main prize in the First Features Competition.

Apart from Cargo, two more features from Flanders have also been invited to London: Michaël R. Roskam’s Racer and the Jailbird (Love section), and Meikeminne Clinckspoor’s Cloudboy (Family section). Finally, three shorts from Flanders will also be screened in London: Britt Raes’s animation short Catherine; Sam Peeters’s short documentary Homeland; and Wim Reygaert’s tragicomic short fiction Neverlanding.

The London Film Festival has been held annually since 1953 as one of the activities of the British Film Institute. The 61st edition takes place from 4–15 October 2017.

Published on Thursday 31 August 2017

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