Fien Troch’s latest feature film Kid received a Special Mention at the 39th Ghent Film Festival, while Name of the Fathers by Timothy Wennekes was awarded Best Belgian Student Short Film. In the same section, Lukas Dhondt’s Headlong (Corps Perdu) was acknowledged with an honorable mention. Earlier this week, Bullhead-DOP Nicolas Karakatsanis already won the Jo Röpcke Award in Ghent.

Fien Troch's KidThe fest’s International Jury lauded Troch for her authentic style of actors’ direction and her bold approach on the themes of family and childhood. American journalist and film critic Joan Dupont chaired the jury this year. In Kid, seven-year old Kid and his older brother Billy live with their mom on a farm while the little family struggles to survive after the departure of the father, leaving them nothing but debts. When faith strikes and the boys end up with their aunt and uncle, Kid can’t come to terms with the absence of his mother and longs to be with her more than ever.

Main roles are played by Bent Simons, Maarten Meeuwsen and Gabriella Carizzo while Peter Van den Eeden was taken on board as director of photography. Antonino Lombardo produced the film for Prime Time (Little Black Spiders, Someone Else’s Happiness). The film is to be released in its home territory by Cinéart coming January 2013.

The National Lotery Award for Best Belgian Student Short went to Timothy Josha Wennekes (Sint-Lukas) and is worth € 2.000. In Name of the Fathers, Wennekes dives into the community of Jehova’s witnesses. 16-year old Thomas struggles with a dilemma. Can he leave the familiar yet suffocating environment where he grew up or is he meant to be a role model for his younger brother who is about to get baptized? The young director was able to gather an impressive cast for his short with a.o. Koen De Sutter, Robbie Cleiren, Katelijne Verbeke and Vic De Wachter.

An honorable mention was given to KASK-student Lukas Dhondt for Headlong, a short film depicting the confrontation between a young, ambitious dancer and a fugitive on the run for the authorities. Their encounter lasts longer than both of them expected.

Earlier this week, director of photography Nicolas Karakatsanis already received the Jo Röpcke Award in the sideline of the International Film Festival of Ghent. Karakatsanis is known for his camera work on a.o. Left Bank (Pieter Van Hees), Bullhead (Michaël R. Roskam) and was also Erik Van Looy’s sidekick on the American remake of Van Looy’s indigenous all-time box office hit Loft.

Published on Saturday 20 October 2012

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