Fien Troch’s Home was a clear winner at the eighth Gala of the Ensors, the local Academy Award equivalent. The film won Ensors for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (to be shared by Loïc Bellemans, Mistral Guidotti and Sebastian Van Dun), Best Actress (Lena Suijkerbuijk), Best Supporting Actress (Els Deceukelier) and Best Editing (Nico Leunen).

HomeThe Ensors Gala traditionally closes Film Fest Ostend, which registered well over 38,000 admissions in its 11th year.

Other awards went to Le Ciel Flamand (Best Supporting Role for Wim Willaert, and Best Photography for David Williamson); King of the Belgians (Best Screenplay); Past Imperfect (Best Newcomer for director Nathalie Teirlinck, as well as the Industry Award voted by the Ensor Academy members); My First Highway (Best Original Score for Brent Vanneste); Storm (Best Art Direction for Kurt Loyens); Souvenir (Best Costumes for Christophe Pidre and Florence Scholtès); The Prime Minister (Albert Bert Box Office Award and Best Make-up for Esther de Goey); Speechless (Audience Award); Shadow World (Best Documentary); On attend (Best Live-Action Short); Kastaars (Best Animated Short) and Ghost Rockers: For Ever (Best Children’s Film); A Wedding (Best Co-Production with Wallonia and Special Award for actress Lina El Arabi); and Brimstone (Best Co-Production with the Netherlands).

Published on Tuesday 19 September 2017

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