Fien Troch’s Home, Peter Monsaert’s Le Ciel Flamand and King of the Belgians by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth have been invited to the Göteborg International Film Festival (27 January – 6 February). The line-up also includes three co-productions with Flanders and a retrospective of the work of the Dardenne brothers.

Le Ciel FlamandNew Voices, a section showcasing films by upcoming directors in search of new trends, welcomes Monsaert’s Le Ciel Flamand about three generations of women whose lives are turned upside down by a dramatic event. It is the director’s second film after his debut Offline; both were produced by Lunanime.

Home – Troch’s portrait of a group of youngsters and the adults in their lives – and Brosens and Woodworth’s royal odyssey King of the Belgians are to screen in the Five Continents programme, a collection of films from around the world. Home is a Prime Time film, while Bo Films produced King of the Belgians.

The programme also includes Stephan Streker’s Noces, co-produced by Minds Meet, and Mijke de Jong’s festival favourite Layla M., of which the Flemish co-producer is Menuet. Invited for the Lilla Film Festival, Göteborg’s sidebar for children and young audiences, is The Day My Father Became a Bush (co-producer: Minds Meet) by Nicole van Kilsdonk.

Finally, the Dardenne brothers are to receive an Honorary Dragon Award for their entire career, accompanied by a retrospective of their most successful films, including The Unknown Girl (co-prod. Savage Film/Eyeworks) and Two Days, One Night (co-prod. Eyeworks), both of which were co-produced with Flanders.

Published on Tuesday 17 January 2017

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