Koen Suidgeest’s Karla’s Arrival (La llegada de Karla) was given a bill at the very first ALBA Festival de Cine bill. The ALBA Festival took place in Brussels from 19 – 29 Januari and is the result of a collaboration between the embassies of Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela. The festival is named after the ALBA treaty, which was conducted by the governments of these countries in order to preserve their cultural identities.

karla's arrival koen suidgeest llegada de karlaEarlier on,  Karla’s Arrival (La llegada de Karla) made a screening at the Verzio Documentary Film Festival (6-10 November 2011)  in Budapest, as well as at the This Human World Festival (30 November – 10 December 2011) in Vienna. Both showings were attended by the director. The documentary also screened at the  Documenta Madrid Festival, the Prague One World Human Rights Festival and the New York International Latino Film Festival, to name just a few. The film was awarded the second prize at the Documenta festival.

In Karla’s arrival, Suidgeest follows teenage mother Sujeylin and her baby who live on the streets of the Nicaraguan capital Managua. Sujeylin has been living off the generosity of her drug-dealing boyfriend and the NGO’s peppering the city. We see how Sujeylin, herself still going through adolescence, struggles to offer her baby good future perspectives.

Karla’s Arrival takes its audience on the intense personal journey of a young woman’s  venture into motherhood under extreme circumstances. Narrated by the protagonist herself and told with gracious intimacy, the film offers a story full of hope, covering a universal issue we have not before been exposed to. Karla’s Arrival was produced by Daniel Devalck for Cobra Films (Standing Eagle, ça rime et ça rame comme tartine et botherham)

Published on Sunday 19 February 2012

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