Kadir Balci’s Marry Me and Lucifer, directed by Gust Van den Berghe have been selected for Valladolid’s upcoming International Film Festival (18 - 25 October). Two shorts, Bad Hunter, directed by Sahim Omar Kalifa, and Deben Van Dam’s The Way of All Flesh, are also in competition, while the animation film collection 12 Minutes About Peace will be shown out of competition. The Valladolid Film Festival opens with Two Days, One Night by the brothers Dardenne, a co-production with Flanders.

Marry MeAfter making his debut in 2009 with the hit film Turquaze, Kadir Balci returns with Marry Me, a film about a gym teacher who wants to marry his Turkish colleague following a brief affair. But they reckoned without their families… The result is a comedy about French fries and baklava; about marriage and trust; about Flemish modesty versus Turkish temperament. The film will receive its world premiere in Valladolid’s Meeting Point section, a competitive parallel showcase for first and second films judged worthy of special attention because of their subject matter or style.

The Meeting Point section also includes Deben Van Dam’s short film The Way of All Flesh, about a nurse on a palliative care ward who is asked to share racist Frans Claeskens’s final day. The film has already won prizes in Ghent, Leuven, Brussels, Aubagne and Tel Aviv and is long listed for the Oscars.

Valladolid’s official competition includes Gust Van den Berghe’s Lucifer, which premieres in Rome a week prior to its Spanish screening. The film is the third instalment in Van den Berghe’s triptych after Little Baby Jesus of Flandr and Blue Bird, and tells the story of the rebel angel Lucifer. On his journey from Heaven to Hell, he passes through a Mexican village, disturbing the life of elderly Lupita and her granddaughter Maria.

The Festival’s official short film programme includes Bad Hunter, Sahim Omar Kalifa’s latest about a young Iraqi hunter whose life will never be the same again after an odd encounter during one of his trips. The film won the Jury Award for Short Film at the Montreal World Film Festival and has subsequently received an invitation from the Oscar-qualifying Austin Film Festival.

12 Minutes About Peace, a collection of 12 animated one-minute films commemorating WWI, is to have its Spanish premiere in Valladolid, where the series will be shown out of competition. The collection, for which Flemish animators each approached the theme of peace in their own way using various animation techniques, has already been seen in Annecy and Montreal, with (partial) showcases in Utrecht, Arras and Cairo.

The 59th edition of the Valladolid Film Festival opens with Two Days, One Night by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne. Their portrayal of a woman who must persuade her colleagues to give up their bonuses in order for her to keep her job debuted in Cannes earlier this year and was co-produced with Flanders by Peter Bouckaert of Eyeworks.

Dries Phlypo and Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem of A Private View (Brasserie Romantique, Oxygen) are the producers of Marry Me, which was scripted by Kadir Balci and Van Rijckghem. The latter also teamed up with Sahim Omar Kalifa to write the screenplay of Bad Hunter, with A Private View again producing. Tomas Leyers of Minds Meet (Violet, I’m the same I’m an other) produced Lucifer, scripted by Van den Berghe. Bekke Films’ Ben Vandendaele produced The Way of All Flesh, which was written by Van Dam. All of the above films, including 12 Minutes About Peace, received support from Cultural Affairs Minister Sven Gatz.

Published on Thursday 2 October 2014

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