Flemish TV series Missing Persons Unit and Duts have each received six nominations at the Monte Carlo International Television Festival (6-10 June). The awards will be handed out on the last day of the festival.

still from missing persons unitThe Monte Carlo International Television Festival has two distinct categories for television series: Drama TV series and Comedy TV series. Missing Persons Unit is nominated in the drama section. In this category it will compete against numerous prominent international television series, such as The Tudors, Dexter and Mad Men. The Flemish series has been nominated in all four subcategories: Outstanding Actor (Koen De Bouw and Kevin Janssens), Outstanding Actress (Joke Devynck and Katelijne Verbeke), Outstanding European Producer and Outstanding International Producer (Philippe De Schepper).

The other nominated Flemish television series Duts will compete against big names including Glee, 30 Rock and Modern Family in the Comedy TV series section of the festival. The series also got six nominations in the four subcategories: Pieter Van Huyck and Herwig Ilegems are nominated for Outstanding International Producers and for Outstanding European Producers. The actors of the series were also recognised: Herwig Ilegems – who in addition to producing and directing the series, also starred in it – and Steve Geerts have been nominated for Outstanding Actor; Tania Kloek and Greta Van Langendonck compete for Outstanding Actress. 

This is the 51st edition of the Monte Carlo Television Festival, which hands out the Golden Nymph to the best international programmes. The festival wishes ‘to recognise television as an exceptional means of bringing cultures together and enhancing their respective knowledge’. Last year’s winners include Mad Men, The Killing, 30 Rock and The Thick of It

Missing Persons Unit portrays the life of Walter Sibelius (Koen De Bouw), the leader of a four-headed team of investigators at the missing persons unit of the Belgian federal police. A number of Flemish directors have worked on the series, including Jan Verheyen (Crazy About Ya, Dossier K.), Christophe Van Rompaey (Moscow, Belgium), Joël Vanhoebrouck (Code 37) and Jakob Verbruggen (Code 37). The series is produced by Philippe De Schepper for Eyeworks. The series airs on VT4 in Belgium. 

Duts presents Walter Duts (Herwig Ilegems), a strange figure in an even stranger world. Ilegems directed the series and together with Pieter Van Huyck produced the show. Duts runs on television network Canvas.

Published on Wednesday 23 March 2011

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