Following on the heels of a wave of Flemish films at the Montreal World Film Festival this year, the Montreal Contemporary Art Museum presents RealTime Unreal (31 Aug - 2 Oct), an experimental media project by Flemish artists Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke.

Workspace UnlimitedIn 2001 Soetens and Van den Bulcke founded the international collective Workspace Unlimited. Since then the collective has come to the forefront of media art, creating some of today's most compelling virtual worlds and interactive installations. Now Montreal has invited them for a projection series on their work, titled simply Workspace Unlimited. The selected installation by Soetens and Van den Bulcke's is their new RealTime Unreal.

Originally Soetens and Van den Bulcke's RealTime Unreal was commissioned by NYC's Museum of the Moving Image. In a piece on the NY museum's opening, New York Times critic Edward Rothstein admitted 'the conception is so strong, I was immersed in it.'

In the Beverley Webster Rolph Hall of the Montreal Contemporary Art museum, Realtime Unreal consists of a large double-sided stereoscopic projection suspended in midair, with interactive zones on both sides. The projected virtual world seems to occupy three-dimensional physical space in the Museum, an alternate reality floating in physical space. As visitors interact with the installation, their perspective on the projected virtual space changes as its architecture is disrupted beyond rationalization.

After Antwerp Central's Grand Prize at Montreal's FIFA this year and the wave of Flemish films at the Montreal World Film Festival this month, Soetens and Van den Bulcke's presentation at the Montreal Contemporary Art Museum is yet another confirmation of Montreal's growing taste for Flemish film & art.

RealTime Unreal was realised with the support of he Flemish Authorities. Major support was provided by BARCO and Stewart Filmscreen, with additional support provided by IBBT.

Published on Monday 29 August 2011