The Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) has approved funding for 21 projects: 13 documentaries, two animated shorts, four fiction shorts and two fiction features. The list includes projects such as Ilse Somer’s feature debut High Heels, Low Tide and Berlinale Shorts nominee Philip J. McGoldrick's Subaru, the second part of an intended trilogy. Works from both newcomers and regulars can be found under the supported documentaries.

Set photo of Ilse Somer's Weekend © Luc PeetersTwo documentaries received script support. Caroline Van Gastel can start writing Eye of the Gazelle (Serendipity Films), a film about women looking for a new life after having been victims of violence. Peter Van Goethem is to start working on Cargo Vie (Freshwater Films), a biographical doc about Pascal de Duve, a promising writer and philosopher who died from AIDS at the age of 29.

Minds Meet, the production company of such features as Blue Bird and Lost Persons Area, received development funding for Behind the Redwood Curtain. The documentary, scripted by Liesbeth De Ceulaer, zooms in on the mysterious redwood forests and how encroachment can create tension between its inhabitants. A Team Productions (Land of the Heroes) can also start development on their doc, The Fly and the Web, by Lennart Stuyck and Ruben Vermeersch, which follows Krazy-E, a 26-year-old Congolese rapper living in Belgium.

Among the titles with production support, we find two short animation films. Geert Vandenbroele’s Diamond is the new project from Mergans Telewerk, which already has a festival success to its name with its earlier film Good News. Production company S.O.I.L. is working with director Chris Genijn on He and Sea, the story of a man – born from the sea – who starts looking for his origins but finds he loses a little of himself with each step he takes on his search.

The list of documentary titles is rounded off with four films which received production support. Production company Off World can start shooting Rob Rombout’s In het spoor van Robert van Gulik and Ibbe Daniels’ Rêve Kakudji, while Filmnatie is set to produce Peter Borghs’ The Search for Desire. Director Moon Blaisse, who won a VAF Wildcard for her fiction short Sometime Later, is once again working together with non-profit organisation Pain Perdu to create her new doc, Addicted to Every Possibility.

Four fiction shorts and one feature, Ilse Somers’ High Heels, Low Tide, also received production support. Among the shorts, we find Cadet, the new project by director Kevin Meul (The Extraordinary Life of Rocky) and production house Visualantics. The other shorts are Cecilia Verheyden’s Robyn O. (Rococo Content), Philip J McGoldrick’s Subaru (Blondynka Films) and Fedrik De Beul’s August 1914 (Plotpointprod).

On the production side, there are three documentary co-productions with the French-speaking community in Belgium: Sergio Ghizzardi’s Green Gold (Savage Film), Manu Bonmariage’s La Terre Amoureuse (Off World) and Philippe Witjes and Valerie Berteau’s Four Doors (Polymorfilms).

Finally, Sofie Hanegreefs’ My aunts from Ghent was confirmed for post-production support and Gust Van den Berghe’s Blue Bird and Lotte Stoops’ Grande Hotel received promotional support for their A-festival selections, Cannes and Hot Docs respectively.

Published on Tuesday 23 August 2011

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